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    Thursday, March 1, 2018

    Which type of industry is best suitable for an internship in mechanical engineering?

    Undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering contain the internship as a part of the curriculum. The sole purpose of this internship is to get an experience of witnessing the real-life applications of the theories being taught in each semester. When it comes to deciding the best suitable industry for an internship when you are having more than one option. 

    Area of Interest:

    Try to select the industry which is very relevant to your area of interest. This will give you more insight into your existing knowledge. 

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017

    What is the importance of setting drawing Limits in AutoCAD ?

    AutoCAD is a drafting software and requires dimensions to be specified on the drawing which has its overall size depending on how big or small the drawing is. 

    AutoCAD has unlimited space in which one can draw the drawing but in real life, one has to either print it or get it into the physical world so, the one has to prefix the size of the drawing. 

    What is the LIMITS command?

    Friday, November 3, 2017

    Is it necessary to learn AutoCAD for any Mechanical Engineer?

    Any software is a tool for making a task easy on a computer. If you are an engineer, there are plenty of software prepared for a special task. Out of them, AutoCAD is also a very important software.

    AutoCAD is all about CAD (Computer-Aided Design). If you are a mechanical engineer, you have to design or manufacture a product or component of any machine or mechanism. 

    In industry, work is continuously done and one has to rely on the computer instead of a manual task. The same is true for the drawing of any product. There are plenty of chances to have an error or many errors in handmade drawing and this will cost a lot for any company. So, the design department of any company has AutoCAD in their PCs. They have special persons to do this task.

    Friday, March 17, 2017

    How to write an 'abstract' for technical report or article or paper?

    If you are an engineer and working in industry or academics, you need to submit a technical report or research papers to express the findings and work of stuff.

    An abstract is an important element of any technical report or any research paper/article. It is something that people normally prefer to read before taking a look at the whole article. The abstract must contain enough information that highlights and give the complete essence of the article. 

    Normally abstract should deliver objectives of the research, methods that one has used for research, key results obtained and a clear and concise conclusion. 

    The abstract should contain a minimum 100 to 200 words. The content of the abstract should be clear and concise. 

    Sunday, January 29, 2017

    Tips for GPSC Interview for lecturer and assistant professor

    These are the tips which can be helpful to clear the GSPC personal interview for lecturer and assistant professor
    1. Have confidence in your answer while you are asked to speak about yourself. This is normally the very first question asked by the chairman of the interview "Tell me about yourself". Make answer ready in advance. Speak your full name, age, qualification with college and university, current job.
    2. Now when you are asked about your job, give positive aspects of the job.
    3. Why do you want to do a teaching job? Why not a current job? Do not say I am not enjoying the current job but say, "I love teaching and this changes the lives of people. I want to impact the lives of many by teaching jobs. This job is a respectful job"
    4. Always ready with two or three favorite subjects
    5. Prepare the DEMO lecture that will be most probably asked to deliver. 
    6. SAY "NO" IF YOU ARE NOT VERY SURE ABOUT QUESTION'S ANSWER. IF YOU GIVE the WRONG ANSWER THEY WILL TRAP YOU AND ULTIMATELY TIME AND YOUR REPUTATION WILL BE WASTED. Just say 'No' and pass the question. The new question might be familiar to you. This will have the impact of honesty on the interviewer. 
    7. DO NOT ARGUE. DO not hurt them by saying I AM right even though they are wrong. They just make sure about your character. 

    Friday, January 8, 2016

    Dos and Donts in GATE examination

    If you are going to appear for the GATE examination, you should view this video carefully. It is full of information taken from the experience of other people.

    Top five software mechanical engineer should know or learn

    Are you studying in mechanical engineer? Being an engineer, you should have some useful software knowledge to get things done easily. View this video to get top five software which are very useful to mechanical engineers.

    Monday, July 20, 2015

    All you need to know about Thermodynamics Properties

    Thermodynamic Property is a measurable characteristic of the system.
    To get the status of any process of the system, one should have at least two properties at hand. Thus to define the state of a system, we must know the information about different thermodynamics properties. 

    One can classify the general properties in following ways.

    1. Primitive Properties (which are taken from other branches of the science)
    • Pressure, P
    • Velocity, v
    • Volume, V

    2. Basic Thermodynamic Properties (which are defined by the laws of the thermodynamics)
    • Temperature, T (defined by the zeroth law of the Thermodynamics)
    • Internal Energy, U (defined by the first law of the Thermodynamics)
    • Entropy, S (defined by the second law of the Thermodynamics)
    3. Derived Thermodynamics Properties (Combination of various other properties defined earlier)
    • Enthalpy ( U + P.V)
    • Gibbs Energy (U + PV-TS)
    • Specific Heat at Constant Pressure, Cp
    • Specific Heat at Constant Volume, Cv

    Saturday, July 18, 2015

    Tips for fresher interview for mechanical engineering - CAD specialization

    To get started for a new engineer is very difficult nowadays due to heavy competition among the lac of freshers engineer. To start a career and sustain in a good position can only be possible when you come out of crowd by your educational qualities, skills required for a particular job and right attitude towards the job are major requirements. 

    Design job or Computer Aided Design (CAD) job is one of the most popular job in mechanical engineering field. If you are a fresher and going for fresher interview for CAD position in a company, followings qualities are highly required to come out of crowd and prove your-self right candidate for that position. "Sharpen your axe before cutting woods".

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Tips to avoid common errors or mistakes in technical papers or writing

    In current technological era, everything get done by machine and related technology. Each needs research and development. So, to convey the information or findings one need to write technical report, paper or writings. Most of the times, technical reports are full of quality but they contain common errors which might change the meaning or may cause rejection of technical papers also.  So, read the following tips to know what are the common errors and its solutions.

    Numeric numbers:
    Technical writings are full of numbers and data. Normally integers or numbers less than ten are written in words. Say to convey '2 components, one should write 'two components'. Numbers greater than ten and fractional numbers can be written in digits like 11, 12.4 etc.

    Take care of 'a, an, the':
    Always remember than 'a' & 'an' can be used when we talk about indefinite things while 'the' can be used while talking about 'definite' things.