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    Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    Essential software to learn in Mechanical Engineering

    The knowledge of different software in mechanical engineering is of great quality and can be helpful to get the required things done easily. Because software is a tool that can be used by an engineer to express the technical stuff via calculations.

    Below is the important and essential software which should be learned during a bachelor course in mechanical engineering. It might possible that some well-known software might not be on the list but can be learned very easily if you know the following software which is basics.

    1. AutoCAD ( A basic CAD software for design and drafting purpose)
    2. Pro/Engineer ( A complete parametric 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software)
    3. C Language (A programming language)
    4. ANSYS ( An analysis or simulation software)

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017

    What is the importance of setting drawing Limits in AutoCAD ?

    AutoCAD is a drafting software and requires dimensions to be specified on the drawing which has its overall size depending on how big or small the drawing is. 

    AutoCAD has unlimited space in which one can draw the drawing but in real life, one has to either print it or get it into the physical world so, the one has to prefix the size of the drawing. 

    What is the LIMITS command?

    Friday, November 3, 2017

    Is it necessary to learn AutoCAD for any Mechanical Engineer?

    Any software is a tool for making a task easy on a computer. If you are an engineer, there are plenty of software prepared for a special task. Out of them, AutoCAD is also a very important software.

    AutoCAD is all about CAD (Computer-Aided Design). If you are a mechanical engineer, you have to design or manufacture a product or component of any machine or mechanism. 

    In industry, work is continuously done and one has to rely on the computer instead of a manual task. The same is true for the drawing of any product. There are plenty of chances to have an error or many errors in handmade drawing and this will cost a lot for any company. So, the design department of any company has AutoCAD in their PCs. They have special persons to do this task.

    Friday, March 17, 2017

    How to write an 'abstract' for technical report or article or paper?

    If you are an engineer and working in industry or academics, you need to submit a technical report or research papers to express the findings and work of stuff.

    An abstract is an important element of any technical report or any research paper/article. It is something that people normally prefer to read before taking a look at the whole article. The abstract must contain enough information that highlights and give the complete essence of the article. 

    Normally abstract should deliver objectives of the research, methods that one has used for research, key results obtained and a clear and concise conclusion. 

    The abstract should contain a minimum 100 to 200 words. The content of the abstract should be clear and concise. 

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    How to select object in AutoCAD 2015 with two options?

    The latest version of AutoCAD comes with two options to select the drawing. View this video to know it.


    Monday, January 27, 2014

    How to create animation in AutoCAD software?

    In the Mechanical Engineering curriculum, the student needs to understand many mechanisms like piston-slider mechanism, slider-crank or four-bar chain mechanism. This mechanism can be better understood by the use of animations. There are many options available to create an animation like the use of flash software, PowerPoint presentations. But animation creation in AutoCAD can be beneficial for a mechanical engineer by the use of 'mslide' and 'script' command.

    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Tips/How to write technical/engineering report/document

    Follow the following details during making/writing technical reports.

    Always choose (most of the time) Times New Roman as font type with font size 16,14,12.
    Where 16 font size is for chapter/experiment name, 14 is for the main heading and 12 for the content text of the document.

    Always use 'Equation editor' or any equation maker software to write each equation of technical writing. Copy and paste that equation in the report. Always make sure where to put superscript and subscript in the equation. Give the equation number as per chapter name. e.g. 5th equation of the 4th chapter should be given equation number as (4.5). For Microsoft Word, go to Insert - Object - Microsoft Equation 3.0