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    Thursday, March 1, 2018

    Which type of industry is best suitable for an internship in mechanical engineering?

    Undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering contain the internship as a part of the curriculum. The sole purpose of this internship is to get an experience of witnessing the real-life applications of the theories being taught in each semester. When it comes to deciding the best suitable industry for an internship when you are having more than one option. 

    Area of Interest:

    Try to select the industry which is very relevant to your area of interest. This will give you more insight into your existing knowledge. 

    Size of the organization:

    This really makes a difference. If you happen to choose a big organization for an internship, you will be ended up with nothing but getting simply a TAG. The intern has to learn on its own in big organizations. No one is free to give you guidance but you have to get it. While on the other hand, the smaller industry has employees who will give you work as an assignment and you will also get some practical exposure towards those things. 

    In 2005, I chose Field Marshal (Gujarat) company which makes IC Engines. The company was smaller in size but has employees with big hearts. I learn to assembled the IC engine with the supervision of the chief technician. The experience was very amazing. That moment when my assembled machine worked was the best! That was the joy of learning with practical exposure. 

    While, in 2006, I joined Excel Crop Care Ltd (Gujarat) as an intern. The organization is big and you will not find any worker who is ready to help you. We were just allowed to be in Library and not permitted to visit the plant. 

    This is the difference between the smaller and bigger organizations. This is my view and experience. Always take a decision to chose the internship industry with the advice of others also. 

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