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    Friday, November 3, 2017

    Is it necessary to learn AutoCAD for any Mechanical Engineer?

    Any software is a tool for making a task easy on a computer. If you are an engineer, there are plenty of software prepared for a special task. Out of them, AutoCAD is also a very important software.

    AutoCAD is all about CAD (Computer-Aided Design). If you are a mechanical engineer, you have to design or manufacture a product or component of any machine or mechanism. 

    In industry, work is continuously done and one has to rely on the computer instead of a manual task. The same is true for the drawing of any product. There are plenty of chances to have an error or many errors in handmade drawing and this will cost a lot for any company. So, the design department of any company has AutoCAD in their PCs. They have special persons to do this task.

    Why AutoCAD is a must for Mechanical Engineer

    If you are in the final year of BE or ME or MTech, you should be supposed to prepare an experimental setup (if your project demands). You have to prepare a drawing for an entire setup or part of it and hand over to the manufacturer who fabricates or prepare it for you. Most of the manufacturers ask for the AutoCAD file. Because they have CNC machines that can do the task in an automatic mode based on the code generated from the AutoCAD file of your drawing. 

    So, it is very necessary for you to learn AutoCAD if you are a Mechanical Engineer. Even Electrical and Civil people have their own version of AutoCAD. 

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