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    Monday, July 20, 2015

    All you need to know about Thermodynamics Properties

    Thermodynamic Property is a measurable characteristic of the system.
    To get the status of any process of the system, one should have at least two properties at hand. Thus to define the state of a system, we must know the information about different thermodynamics properties. 

    One can classify the general properties in following ways.

    1. Primitive Properties (which are taken from other branches of the science)
    • Pressure, P
    • Velocity, v
    • Volume, V

    2. Basic Thermodynamic Properties (which are defined by the laws of the thermodynamics)
    • Temperature, T (defined by the zeroth law of the Thermodynamics)
    • Internal Energy, U (defined by the first law of the Thermodynamics)
    • Entropy, S (defined by the second law of the Thermodynamics)
    3. Derived Thermodynamics Properties (Combination of various other properties defined earlier)
    • Enthalpy ( U + P.V)
    • Gibbs Energy (U + PV-TS)
    • Specific Heat at Constant Pressure, Cp
    • Specific Heat at Constant Volume, Cv

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