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    Wednesday, January 16, 2019

    Best books on Objective Questions in Mechanical Engineering

    In today's competitive world, one has to come out of the crowd and has to prove by SCORE in various competitive exams like State Public Service Commission (Like GPSC - Gujarat Public Service Commission in Gujarat), Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), Indian Engineering Services (IES) or any State, Centre level exams.

    All these applicants who want to excel in the Competitive Examinations have to read various books to get more insight into the basics of the subject. Normally almost all competitive exam requires basics and are of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type.  There are various books available in the market for MCQ or Objective Question in Mechanical Engineering, but I have listed a few good books among them. 

    I have listed these books as per the popularity order.

    2.  Mechanical Engineering For Competitions by R K Jain
    3.  Mechanical Engineering (Objective Type) by D S Kumar
    4. Mechanical Engineering, Conventional and Objective Type by R S Khurmi
    5. IES 2017 Mechanical Engineering Topicwise Objective Solved Paper II by Made Easy Publication

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