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    Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    Things you should do after choosing a final year project in mechanical engineering

    Final year projects in any engineering discipline is very essential from broad prospective. It develops qualities like team spirit, time management skills and also it develops future leadership qualities. Project topic decision is very much important as it determines the future job/work specialization or academic way in masters.
    These are the things you should do after you have finally decide your project topic in mechanical engineering. 

    * Decide the time span of the project and calculates the stage of project based on time available. Normally one year is given for completion of project. So, theoretically you will have 12 months to complete the projects. So, decide the stages of project.

    * Start reading and research the stuffs related to your topic area. To do this, you can read text-books of the subject or you can review the topics from internet articles and research papers. This will strengthen your overall know-how about project and its implementation. 

    * Meet your guide and tell your action plan and ask about his too. By this meeting, most of the project plan will be decided and it will make complete project picture clearer. 

    * Start course of action based on the meeting between you and your guide. 

    * Start purchasing the resources to be used if you know overall parts and system of your project. This can be software if project is based on theoretical analysis. You can start purchasing system parts of project if it is based on some assembly or manufacturing one. 

    * Make monthly time-table for review of your work progress with your guide.

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