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    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Tips to avoid common errors or mistakes in technical papers or writing

    In current technological era, everything get done by machine and related technology. Each needs research and development. So, to convey the information or findings one need to write technical report, paper or writings. Most of the times, technical reports are full of quality but they contain common errors which might change the meaning or may cause rejection of technical papers also.  So, read the following tips to know what are the common errors and its solutions.

    Numeric numbers:
    Technical writings are full of numbers and data. Normally integers or numbers less than ten are written in words. Say to convey '2 components, one should write 'two components'. Numbers greater than ten and fractional numbers can be written in digits like 11, 12.4 etc.

    Take care of 'a, an, the':
    Always remember than 'a' & 'an' can be used when we talk about indefinite things while 'the' can be used while talking about 'definite' things. 

    Symbol and its short form:
    When we use symbol in writings, we should write its full form when it appears for the first time and should not necessary to write every-time afterwards when it comes again. E.g. "Artificial Intelligence (AI)". Now when we need to talk about "Artificial Intelligence , we can write AI only. 

    Use proper word:

    a lot of:Do not use 'a lot of' word for uncountable objects or things. Use 'many' word instead. 
    highly increased:Instead of writing 'highly' increased, one should write 'greatly' increased.
    Plural forms: Check before writing plural form of anythings. Do not use 'works' and 'researches', They are already in plural forms.  One should use 'software' not 'softwares'
    Do Not: Avoid writing 'Don't". Write full form i.e Do not.
    In place of ALSO, one can start the sentence with 'Besides', 'Moreover' or 'In addition'
    Do not say 'comprises of', Instead of it, use 'comprises' only.
    Always make sure to write reports in either 'Americal  English' or 'UK English' because 'Colour' and 'Color' both are right in its own English type but one must follow only one style of English. 

    (Source: Hints on Writing Technical Papers and Making Presentations Victor O. K. Li, Fellow, IEEE)

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