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    Friday, February 14, 2014

    Mechanical Engineering interview questions asked at Job interviews of big companies

    This is a compilation of few important interview questions which were asked at big and reputed companies' interviews. 

    What will happen if the diesel engine makes to run with petrol? (Hyundai)

    When petrol is added to a diesel engine, a diesel engine will start but will face difficulty in a smooth run as petrol (which having a low flash point of -43 C) experiences detonation before the actual compression takes place in a diesel engine. Petrol also deteriorates the lubricating system of diesel engines. Hence it is not advisable to run a diesel engine with petrol. Here one counter questions come, 

    What will happen if the petrol engine makes to run with diesel? 

    Petrol engine with diesel as fuel cannot start because of high flashpoint of diesel (52 ⁰C). Because of this poor mixture of diesel (less volatile than petrol) and air forms and cannot be started by the spark plug. Hence one cannot start the petrol engine with diesel as fuel.  Read more about the effect of compression ratio in the Petrol-Diesel fueled engine. 

    What is the difference between pipe and tube? (Jaiprakash Associates) 

    Find the difference between pipe and tube here

    What is the difference between blower and compressor? 

    Compressor (which compresses) is a machine that raises the pressure of compressible fluid while blower (which blows) is a machine that is used to displace or transfer the fluid volumes with a moderate increase in pressure. Whereas the difference between pump and compressor is a type of fluid and increase in pressure. The pump is a device or machine used to raise the pressure of the incompressible fluid to a greater height with the increase in pressure energy.

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