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    Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    List of Final year mechanical engineering project topics

    Before seeing the list of final year mechanical engineering projects, please visit "How to choose final year engineering projects in mechanical engineering"

    So, Consider the above points in mind before selecting any particular topics for your academics. Also one should have knowledge of the most important subjects that are must for any mechanical engineering and projects related to it. 

    Following is a list of some probable and most desirable final year mechanical (BE) project topics. These topics may cover study, design, and analysis of each component for a project.

    Projects related to Machine/Thermal Design

    1. Design and fabrication of shell and tube type heat exchanger for laboratory purpose 

    This requires the use of heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics as well as machine design concepts, So first go through the subjects required and then start doing project.

    2. Design of domestic refrigerator
    3. Design of Split air conditioner
    4. Design of Air cooler

    These all three require the use of heat transfer and refrigeration subjects to do well in this project.

    5. Design of Fuel injection system in Automobile
    6. Design and fabrication of solar collector for water/oil heating
    7. Design of domestic water pump
    8. Design of punching machine for spiral binding
    9. Design of air compressor to be used at garage
    10. Design of Fuel pump for automobile

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    Projects for improvement of systems at your place

    You can also take projects in a student of groups with 2 or 3 students and make improvements in existing systems. Students can change/modify or improve any existing setup in college, in any place to be called a project. Some of the topics include,

    1. Improvement or development of laboratory in your department
    2. Modification of existing machine/setup to suit special needs.
    3. Research on design and fabrication facility at your college level
    4. Try to find out which is lagging in your college so you have  chance to do it again or improve the existing one.

    Projects based on Research and Analysis/Software:

    1. Finite element analysis of common mechanical components of the machine which fails frequently
    2. Fluid flow analysis with FLUENT and GAMBIT to reduce pressure drop, elbows, reduction in size of domain etc in fluid problems
    3. Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Projects. All the above subject area requires basics concepts from heat transfer, machine design, the strength of materials and another related subject.

    Working principles of Temperature measurement

    Industrial Projects:

    Visit the nearest industry and find what can be taken as project work. This may be development of any department or section with respect to change or modification in any machine of that industry or optimize any machine to increase productivity.

    Consult your seniors and teacher to help you to choose right and challenging final year topics

    Have a self confidence to do your project work and get the work done and be motivated to do your work sincerely so that you do not feel your work as burden. Motivate yourself and get fuel for work to be done.


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