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    Monday, April 1, 2013

    Final year Mechanical Project: Design of Gear Box for speed variations in Automobile and Machine Tools

    Any mechanical design project involves a design procedure that you need to stick to it for a complete finalized product you want. 

    Design involves considerations of many things like material and its properties requirements, size, shape, weights well as ergonomics. The design project should aim at following important criteria to be considered:
    • Optimization with respect to size and shape
    • Aesthetic (exterior look) and ergonomics 
    • Manufacturing consideration
    • Weight and cost
    • Innovation
    You can choose 'Gear Box design' as final year project topics in Mechanical Engineering. Though the topics seem very simple it is not as simple as it looks. You need to consider all the above design considerations while designing Gear Box. 

    --> The design of Gear Box involves the design of the following principal components:
    • Design of gear, which involves finding the number of teeth, module as well as nominal diameter and pitch
    • Design of shafts which involves the calculation of shaft diameter, length as well as fits and tolerances 
    • Design of Housing which involves overall size determination based on internals like gears, shafts etc. Normally housing is made up of brittle material like cast iron or aluminum due to its low weight.
    • Design of Transportation hooks which aim to find out size and cross-section of hook based on the total weight of Gear Box
    One can also perform the Finite element analysis of individual components once design and manufacturing are over to check the feasibility in real application loads. 
    Find more details about the design of Gear Box with complete Gear Box design procedure or steps @indiastudychannel


    1. Sir i am preparing for upcoming gate exam. And as i solve previous year questions and all , even though i have learned all concepts stil some doubts come here and there. I am confused regarding how to clear these doubts . As i passed out last year i cant consult my college teachers and in my coaching institute also classes are over. Can u make any suggestions please?

      1. Please follow my another GATE 2013 blog. You can find important concepts and tips there.

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