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    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Tips/How to write technical/engineering report/document

    Follow the following details during making/writing technical reports.

    Always choose (most of the time) Times New Roman as font type with font size 16,14,12.
    Where 16 font size is for chapter/experiment name, 14 is for the main heading and 12 for the content text of the document.

    Always use 'Equation editor' or any equation maker software to write each equation of technical writing. Copy and paste that equation in the report. Always make sure where to put superscript and subscript in the equation. Give the equation number as per chapter name. e.g. 5th equation of the 4th chapter should be given equation number as (4.5). For Microsoft Word, go to Insert - Object - Microsoft Equation 3.0

    Always use the centigrade symbol to represent (degrees) in centigrade temperature representation  Do not make 0 to use it as the degree by making it superscript. 

    Always follow the proper sequence of a topic for each chapter/report/experiment. Like 2nd topic of 3rd chapter should be given number as 3.2 (Use 14 as font size) and use 3.2.1 (Use 12 as font size) for sub topic of 3.2

    Draw figure with Microsoft Paint or any drawing software, not by hand or scanning. Write the figure name at the bottom of that figure. Figure name should include chapter name and figure number. E.g. Figure 3.2 Thermocouple type Vs temperature range. Where 3 is chapter name and 2 number is for second figure of the 3rd chapter. 

    The table number and name should be written on top of the table and for figure, it should be below the figure. Table numbering is the same as that of the figure.

    The sequence of chapter and pages for technical report/manual should be as per following order:
    1. Front page
    2. Certificate
    3. Examiner's approval (Not applicable for Lab Manual)
    4. Acknowledgment (Not applicable for Lab Manual)
    5. Abstract (Not applicable for Lab Manual)
    6. Index
    7. Nomenclature
    8. Report chapters as per sequence (Experiments number for Lab Manual)
    9. Result and Discussion(Not applicable for Lab Manual)
    10. Conclusion(Not applicable for Lab Manual)
    11. References 

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