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    Tuesday, November 12, 2019

    Most frequently asked questions in any mechanical engineering interview

    Each and every interview starts with a question from the chairman of the interview. He normally asks the candidate to say a few words about family and educational background. Normally he asks, or start the interview by asking, 'Tell me about yourself'. Candidate should reply to this question by giving just a brief overview of name, educational background, family and family background.

    Mechanical Engineering interview normally contains following the normal layout of questions.

    • What are you doing nowadays? 
      • They are looking for your mental attitude by asking you this question. 
      • If you are finding a job, you should straight forward tell them the truth. They will ask for the reason why there is a delay in getting a job? You should tell the correct reason behind it. They actually find whether a candidate is  right person with the right attitude or not. Do not give a meaningless answers. They will find the pit hole in it and mark them as negative points.
      •  If you are working somewhere else, tell the complete details, do not hide anything. They will further ask you about company and designation of yours and some questions related to it to measure your behavior in that company or professional life. 
    • What is your favorite subject in Mechanical engineering?
      • Just be prepared for this question. This is the moment where you can prove yourself as sound in knowledge by saying your favorite subject. Normally they are looking for the subject in which their company is based on. If you are applying for the design job and you tell them thermal science as a favorite subject, there is no problem. They will just check whether you are speaking the truth or not. Do not tell them your favorite subject is Machine Design. If they keep throwing questions regarding Machine Design, you will be caught. Do not worry if you tell other than the subject of the company. Be true to yourself. You will be trained once you will be recruited. 
    • What was your project topic during Mechanical engineering?
      • They will look for leadership and overall quality in this question. If you did a project in group work, they will find out your leadership quality by related questions. 
        • What was your role? 
        • How much time it has taken to complete the project? 
        • What is the role of the guide in the project? Thus they will measure you. 
    • How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
      • They want leaning and growth as your aim in this question. Do not tell I want to be General Manager or higher post in a short time. It is a joke actually. Tell the systematic plan for the pursuance of your goal.
    • What are the software you know?
    All these questions will contain sub-questions based on your answer to each question. Do not tell a lie. This will waste the time of the interview and in the end, you will have more negative points and less positive. 

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