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    Monday, October 22, 2012

    Final year Mechanical Engineering projects topics/options

    Up-gradation/Overhauling of the existing setup in the mechanical laboratory

    Normally, In any engineering college, which is quite old, has some laboratories which contain faulty equipment  If you are in search for final year engineering project topics, you can get the opportunity to make that existing setup or equipment in working condition and start primary experimentation on it. This should be done with the advice of your guide or faculty which is in-charge of that laboratory. There are many advantages to doing that project:

    1. Up-gradation of that setup to new from old 
    2. It will be very helpful to your juniors and they will remember you from your contribution to that. 
    3. The College laboratory will get running equipment/setup from the non-running condition.
    4. You will get full knowledge of it based on the equipment type. e.g. if your college is having an experimental setup of the 'measurement of heat transfer coefficient' for forced convection, you will realize the importance of the heat transfer coefficient as well as you will get the complete knowledge about it. You need to read more about it and try to find out what are possible ways to improve the measurement system attached to it. You will also get more out of your readings when you take reference from books. You will get knowledge about 
      • Heat transfer / Convective heat transfer coefficient
      • Measurement devices like thermo-couple, electric heater, etc. 
      • How to perform experimental investigation to find out correlation for that setup or that physics. 
    Thus, in low cost, you will do your final year project and get credit for it also. You can mention it in your curriculum vitae about your achievement. 

    Only making the experiment into running conditions should not be your aim but to get more output from it, is very important. You can also prepare combined different experimental setups and make it to a single setup to measure heat transfer physics. Also, get more conclusion from it based on experimental investigations. This just thermal engineering project but you can do the same for other subject topics also i.e. machine design, manufacturing units, etc.

    2. Design of domestic refrigerator for small capacity

    There are some people who do not want high capacity domestic refrigerator like 190 litres or more but they need a refrigerator for smaller capacity like 100-litre capacity. You can get this task to prepare small sized domestic refrigerator and verify with the existing refrigerator of the same capacity but what you need to include is some innovation in it. This will add more credit to it. 

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