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    Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    Most important subjects for GATE Mechanical Engineering

    Most students preparing for higher studies or jobs ask one common question. Which subjects are most important in mechanical engineering? The mechanical curriculum contains many subjects but some of them are basic subjects on which other subjects are based and rely upon it.

    Undergraduate syllabus or curriculum normally contains subjects like
    Machine Design mainly requires knowledge of Strength of Materials because to design of any machine component, we need to look for types of loading, calculation of equivalent forces and stresses. So, before studying Machine Design, we need to have sound knowledge of strength of materials. So, in the curriculum of any mechanical engineering, Strength of Materials/Mechanics of Solids are covered (in the first or second semester) before Machine Design.

    Theory of Machines (Dynamics) requires knowledge of engineering mechanics to calculate forces on the element while in motion and other related theories also. 

    Heat and Mass Transfer requires knowledge of fluid mechanics for convection mode of heat transfer between solid body and fluid which is in motion as well as for heat exchanger analysis.  So, before you study Heat and Mass transfer, you need to first learn about Fluid mechanics subject (3rd semester).

    Refrigeration and Air conditioning require use of thermodynamics cycles and heat and mass transfer knowledge for understanding the analysis of vapor compression and vapor absorption cycle which are base on any refrigeration and air conditioning. So, Refrigeration and Air conditioning subjects are covered after Thermodynamics and Heat and mass transfer subjects.

    Thus we can conclude that some of the subjects are unique that does not depend on other subjects or their knowledge. These are 
    • Mechanics of Solids (Strength of Materials + Engineering Mechanics), 
    • Elements of Mechanical Engineering
    • Engineering Graphics
    • Engineering thermodynamics, 
    • Fluid Mechanics, 
    While below are the subjects which are totally dependent on the above subjects. One need to have sufficient and enough knowledge to have a study of
    • Theory of Machines/Dynamics of Machines
    • Machine Design
    • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    • Heat and Mass Transfer
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Power Plant Engineering
    These subjects are also very important for the GATE 2021 examination point of view as well as it can be very helpful while doing a final year project in mechanical engineering. The final year will include most of the work that deals with basics learning. 


    1. how can we remove moisture from a tube having atmosphere air....and whatever we use should be having long life

      1. Hi Aditya. I think you meant to say, you want to remove the moisture from an air which is flowing though a tube? The only solution to remove the moisture is to heat the air which is flowing though that tube. You need to heat some portion of tube (if tube is made up of metal). You should decide the length of heated tube so that air can be totally moisture free by evaporation due to heating.


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