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            Tuesday, March 24, 2020

            My NPCIL Interview Experience at Mumbai - Anushaktinagar

            My NPCIL  Interview Experience at Mumbai, Anushaktinagar

            I appeared for the NPCIL interview on 05-10-2010 at Anushaktinagar at Mumbai. As I did M.Tech, I was shortlisted directly based on the qualification of M. Tech in Industrial Process Equipment Design (IPED).

            The interview panel was consists of 6-7 people from industries only, No one was from any academic institution.
            They normally asked me practical questions that were related to my specialization in M. Tech (Industrial Process Equipment Design) at SVNIT, Surat.

            Interviews were taken by three simultaneous groups, means three different groups were taking interview in separate rooms. I was waiting for my turn from the moment I reached the venue but it took 2 hours to get me to the interview room.

            I was asked many questions based on practical aspects of process equipment and nothing related to Nuclear energy. Everybody thinks that as company is related to power projects by Nuclear energy, so most of the questions will be from Nuclear engineering related but it was not as we thought.

            Interview Process

            The first question was thrown to me by the Chairman. He asked me to introduce myself to covering my educational qualifications and family background. I mentioned that I am basically from Bhavnagar, Gujarat & the same moment they asked me about the future site of NPCIL nearby Bhavnagar, Gujarat. As I was not sure about it, I honestly said NO.

            Do not hesitate to say No because this will save your and their time. They look for positive and correct replies as many as from your side. If you do not know the exact answer please say No and admit it. So they can ask other questions or move ahead. Instead of it, if you try to fool them, they will ask more questions from the same background and you will ultimately leave a negative impression and in the end, you will be failed because you have not managed time to give maximum correct answer as many as you can.

            They wanted me to tell about my dissertation in M. Tech. As it was related to pressure vessel design, they counter questioned me about code/standard used to design pressure vessel and manufacturing. I answered ASME Section VIII Division 2, Edition 2007. I was taken deep into the code/standard about the design of the pressure vessel and its manufacturing. How different guidelines were used while designing and manufacturing at the company following ASME codes.

            The next question was about the basics of pressure vessel by asking me the difference between pressure vessel and storage tank. I tried to convince them about my knowledge but they did not agree. Also, they wanted me to tell them the relation between psi (pound per square inch) and kg per square centimeter. I answered 1 kg/cm2 = 14.22 psi.

            Some members asked me how to design a heat exchanger for a particular application. What should be the pressure limit value in the pressure safety valve in a pressure vessel and why it is normally provided? and who decides it? Normally to ensure the safety of pressure vessel working at high pressure, one needs to put a safety valve to release extra pressure beyond the safe limit and save the pressure vessel from harm. 

            Another question: What is the difference between design pressure and maximum allowable working pressure in pressure vessel design terminology. Why the hydro test is conducted at the end of the manufacturing of pressure vessels. What should be the material that is filled inside the completed vessel, is it air or water and why? And what is the compressible flow and what is its effect on it? In which situation the hydro test will be severe if it is filled and pressurized with air and water? 

            After some discussion, they changed the topic and led me to power plant subject. They keep on asking me basic questions like what is the difference between the thermal and hydropower plant and which is more efficient in terms of handling cost. They wanted me to draw the PV and TS diagram of the Rankine cycle. And the last question was what should be the case when a condenser of the power plant is removed? 

            Overall the interview was good but in that batch, no one was selected.

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            1. thjanks for the interview experience.
              quite a few people do this..if u have any additional knowledge email me aditisaini2008@gmail.com.
              i m too mechanical engineer.


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